RDE Users - Make Backups!

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Make Backups!

We can’t emphasize the importance of this enough!

All RDE users should be making regular backups of all data files.

Making a backup in UltraTax is very easy once you have it set up:

  • Create a folder to hold the backup files. Make it somewhere easy to locate. We suggest a separate USB drive or external hard drive that you plug in, as a backup location.

  • Start UltraTax and from the File menu select Backup.

  • On the Backup dialog press the Select All button.

  • Review and change the backup location setting in the lower right-hand corner, as needed, to point to the folder you created or your external drive.

Backing up to another location on your hard drive alone won’t help in the event of a crash. If you back up to your local hard drive we highly recommend that you also then copy your backup directory to your USB drive, external hard drive or to a CD/DVD and write a new disk each time.