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Change UltraTax PIN

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During the installation of the UltraTax software a user account number and a PIN are required. Previously, UltraTax automatically assigned the 5-digit zip code associated with the account’s mailing address as the account’s PIN. Under the new IRS security measures the account PIN is now assigned by the person designated with administrator rights for the account and the new PIN cannot be the account’s zip code.





2017 Electronic Filing Cut-Over

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2017 1040 Electronic Filing is Closing

As of 11:59 PM on November 18 the IRS will stop accepting eFile for 1040 returns and will stop issuing acknowledgements as part of their annual cutover to 2018.


Business returns can continue to be eFiled until their cut-over is announced. In the past this has been around December 21.


All 1040 returns qualified for eFile must be authorized to transmit by 8:30 AM on Wednesday, November 15 to allow time to process and receive acknowledgements. Some states, other than CA, may take several days to issue their acks. Any acks not received by 11/18/17 will need to file on paper. There is no correction period for rejected returns.


Beginning Wednesday, November 15, ExacTax will suppress eFile on all 1040 returns being processed as they will need to be filed on paper. All 1040 eFile authorizations after that date are invalid and will be disregarded.


Note: All 1040 returns previously run as eFile but not authorized will have their eFiles deleted. They must now be filed on paper or rerun in 2018 with a 2018 eFile authorization signature date after eFile reopens.


If you authorized a return and did not receive an acknowledgement that the return was accepted, you should consider the return as not filed.


2018 ExacTax Workshop Materials

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2018 ExacTax Workshop.pdf




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ExacTax Tax Return Tracking.pdf




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ExacTax e-File Tracking.pdf




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ExacTax Upload Input.pdf




Courier Services

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ExacTax offers courier service in several metropolitan areas within California.

2020 Shipping Options and Rates (Non-courier)

UPS Ground will remain the standard method of shipping returns back to our non-courier customers. There is a $5.75 per return shipping charge, ($7.45 per-return for delivery points classified by UPS as ‘residential’), added to your normal processing fee for all returns shipped via UPS. To utilize this method of delivery, your shipping address must be a street address; a P.O. Box address is not acceptable.

Selecting UPS enhanced shipping or other options will incur the following per-return charges:


Shipping Method 2020 Per Return Charge
UPS Next Day – 10:30 AM guarantee $ 49.85
UPS Next Day – 3:00 PM guarantee $ 34.20
UPS Next Day – Saturday delivery $ 66.50
UPS 2nd Day $ 22.40
Regular US mail $ 9.75
Confidential handling $ 3.00
Call when ready $ 4.00
Special address / Special handling $ 4.00














Note: ExacTax does not give credit for UPS or free shipping when a package is misplaced by UPS.

Undeliverable Packages

The additional charge for an undeliverable UPS package (to any address) is $7.00.


Audit and Correction Policy

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ExacTax Audit and Correction Policy

Our Audit and Efile departments are experiencing very high rates of missing or incomplete input, especially with regard to Form EIC {79} and payer/employer address information on numerous forms. In order to reduce the extra time and effort to call and correct each one of these returns, the Audit and Efile departments have implemented the following policy:


If information is required, a call will be placed. Returns still on hold 48 hours after calling will be released. If there is an efile error, efile will be suppressed.

  1. RDE returns with efile errors will have efile suppressed and then processed.
  2. If the street address is left blank, the city name will be inserted. If an address is missing only the zip code, ExacTax will attempt to look it up; procedure charges will apply.
  3. Form EIC {79}: When the Earned Income Credit is applicable all of the required questions must be answered. Any questions left blank will be answered as follows:

Note: The answers for children or Schedule C will only be answered when applicable.


Other areas that will speed processing for electronic filing are:

  1. On Form W2 {20} always fill in the Medicare wages. Leaving Medicare wages blank will cause the taxable wages to be used which could cause an incorrect computation of excess Medicare withholding.
  2. Decedent returns: always requires an In Care Of name on Form 1040 {1}, zip 64. When the return has a surviving spouse, enter that name in zip 64.
  3. California decedent returns without a surviving spouse must always have the code for the representative type entered in CAELF {95D or CA33B}, zip 7, even when there is no refund.
  4. California decedent returns without a surviving spouse must always have the executor or guardian name entered on CAGEN {CA1}, zip 9.
  5. Delete education credit lines {60B}, zip 10, with no amounts.
  6. Delete dependent care providers {80A} with no amounts.
  7. Delete any description on Schedule A, {70B} Miscellaneous deductions, that doesn’t have an amount. Also, all miscellaneous deduction amounts must have a description.
  8. Schedules C, F and Rent must have at least one income or expense item or the form and all attachments must be deleted.
  9. Form 1098C {73D}, Donation of Motor Vehicle, Boats and Airplanes, always requires a copy of the contemporaneous acknowledgement form to be sent in with Form 8453. Submit Form 8453 {3C} and put a ‘1’ in zip 1. RDE users can choose to attach a PDF to the efile instead.
  10. California withholding on real estate always requires either Form 592-B {CA43} or Form 593 {CA44} to be completed. Be sure to complete all applicable fields. Note: The Preparer section at the bottom, zips 50-53, refers to the preparer of the Form 593, not the tax preparer. This is usually the escrow officer.
  11. Review all diagnostics at the bottom of Form PI.


When there is a rental on a multi-state return be sure to enter the allocation percentages on Rent {31A}, zip 26.

Filing Window Envelopes

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Filing Window Envelopes

ExacTax provides filing window envelopes and estimate/payment voucher envelopes with original returns and when an amended return is added on a rerun. Otherwise, envelopes are not provided on return reruns.


If you would like to order the large window filing envelopes go to formscs.com or call 800-909-1850.




CENVFC for the regular seal (you lick) or


SENVFC for self-seal.


RDE users can click on the Forms CS link on the UltraTax home page.           

2020 Cut-Off Dates and Processing Schedule

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To ensure that your returns are delivered to your office or are available for pick-up at the Anaheim center by Wednesday, April 15, 2020 returns must be in the Anaheim office on or before the dates and times listed below based on your location.


Southern California


Northern California and All Other Areas


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