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Remote Data Entry (RDE)

Remote Data Entry tax processing is designed for tax professional who wants to minimize up-front costs associated with expensive software programs and reduce in-house costs related to printing and assembling tax returns. RDE users have the opportunity to review all form, letter and diagnostics on-screen before sending the data to ExacTax to print and assemble. Don't spend your time as a $10 an hour clerk printing and assembling tax return, when you could be interviewing clients.


ExacTax uses the UltraTax/CS an advanced software program designed for professional tax preparers. Designed with dozens of timesaving features to reduce time and effort from tax preparation work, ExacTax RDE processing helps prepare tax returns across a wide range of taxing agencies and enables you to provide clients with significantly faster processing turnaround without expanding your in-house staff.


ExacTax will help you meet the needs of a broad range of clients and offers features such as, the ability to process 1040, 1041, 1065, 1120, 990, 706 and 709 returns, electronic filing multiple state returns and much more.

  • Low up-front registration cost
  • Pay as you process
  • All supplies are included
  • Volume pricing discounts beginning as low as 50 return
  • Optional input forms allow for quick interview and data entry
  • Input forms allow for quick interview and back- office processing at ExacTax without using your computer
  • Free technical support (from Enrolled Agents)
  • Signature ready tax returns (including filing and estimate envelopes)
  • Courier service is available during the tax season for rapid turnaround
  • All work is performed at our service centers - no outsourcing

Our transition programs, guided orientation program, designed to help new users experience a smooth and effortless transition to ExacTax. Our dedicated Transition Team provides assistance at critical steps throughout the process to ensure that your next tax season is as productive and profitable as possible.

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