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The proforma process moves the relevant calculated and static client data from the prior year return to the current year to minimize the amount of data entry required.

After client data has been proformaed from the prior year to the current year program, you can have ExacTax prepare professional tax organizer packages for your 1040 clients using the Client Tax Organizer. Choose from two styles: Classic, where input areas are available to detail all items or Lite, where most items have limited input but will be expanded when there is excess detail from the prior year. Prior year figures are printed in the margins.

The ExacTax Client Organizer offers two ways to send tax organizers to your clients:

  • Paper Organizer: You can mail paper organizers to your clients, who then complete the organizers and mail or fax them back to you.
  • PDF to file: Request this option to have the organizers printed to PDF files and stored on a CD. You can send these files to your clients on another medium, such as an email or separate CD-ROMs where they can print them out for completion.

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