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Our Tax One-To-One marketing service is again offers a personalized end-of-year tax newsletter. These unique marketing tools will enable you to increase client retention as well as attract new clients specifically in your area.

The price of the end-of-year tax newsletter has rates as low as $1.00 per item, to make it more affordable than ever to keep in touch with your clients. ExacTax allows you to further customize these products in the following ways:

  • Newsletter Opening Paragraph - Compose your own opening paragraph to replace the standard paragraph.
  • Client Address Change- Update the mailing information for clients who have moved after their return was processed.
  • Black and White Option- A black and white version of the tax newsletter, printed on lighter-weight stock is available at a reduced price.
  • Non-personalized newsletters- Option to order additional non-personalized newsletters. Non-personalized newsletters will print your firm information but will print "Dear Client" instead of the taxpayer name. These are perfect for new clients or late filers.
  • Complete mailing service-  ‘Ship to my clients’ For just the price of a stamp let ExacTax stuff, apply postage and mail your newsletters directly to your clients, saving you time and money (available for U.S. addresses only).

It has been well documented that the cost to retain an existing client is significantly less than the cost to acquire a new one. Personalized contact during the year can go a long way towards retaining your clients. Keeping your name visible during the year can lead to referrals and additional consulting work by:

  • Providing a customized product proven to attract attention to the item.
  • Staying in touch with your clients, building goodwill and increasing retention.
  • Making clients aware of certain tax law changes and how they may be affected
  • Using our personalized products is a low-cost effective way for you to accomplish these goals.

The Tax One-To-One marketing service makes use of specific information you already have for each taxpayer to customize each and every mailing piece. Customization means that each of your existing or potential customers will receive a mailing with a unique set of content. Confidential information will never be disclosed. This personalized approach will dramatically increase the readership and response rate.


Instead of mass-mailing a generalized document that appears identical to 500 taxpayers, Tax One-To-One is designed to generate 500 unique documents customized for each of those 500 people. For example, the tax newsletter will display your client’s name(s) and contain your customized opening paragraph (if selected).


This service can only be accomplished with the use of ExacTax’s high end digital printers and programming capabilities. The finished quality of a customized, full color document is excellent, with a look and feel comparable to conventional offset printing.  ExacTax can complete the campaign with a computerized mailing, making this a full featured marketing service that will give your practice that extra touch.


The complete newsletter consists of four full color or black and white pages, printed on heavy stock, pre-folded and addressed as a self-mailer. Each newsletter is personalized with your client’s name(s) and customized opening paragraph (if selected).


An order form with a list of your 1040 clients as of October 15th, including proforma clients will be provided at the end of October. Proforma clients not processed as of October 15h are noted on the list in the asterisk column with a letter ‘P’. Decedents, dependents of another, those under age 18 and foreign or incomplete addresses have been noted and pre-checked “No”. Decedent spouses are automatically omitted. Since clients processed after October 15th are not on this list, an option has been added to order non-personalized newsletters.


There is a minimum order of 10 each for newsletters. Rates are as low as $1.00 per newsletter. Quantity discount volume levels are listed on the enclosed order form.


All orders must be received by November 15th to allow time for shipment by the end of November. Be sure to return all pages of your order. You may also fax your order to (714) 254-7210.


Too much mail to handle? For just the price of a stamp let Tax One-To-One stuff, apply postage and mail your selections directly to your clients, saving you time and money (available for U.S. addresses only). Select the ‘Ship to my clients’ option on the order form.


As always, we value your input and comments on these products.


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