Electronic Filing

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Electronic Filing (E-File)

E-file simply stands for electronic filing of your client's income taxes. Tax returns are submitted via the Internet rather than mailing the return to the IRS. This speeds up the process and helps to prevent errors. With E-file your clients can have their refund delivered to them in as little as ten days if they  choose to have their funds directly deposited to their checking account. E-file is available for all forms, and income levels.


Two benefits of filing taxes electronically over mailing in your client's return are that they will receive a tax refund sooner and their tax data goes directly to IRS computers with a greatly reduced chance of human keying or document scanning errors.


You may be concerned about the security involved with the e-file process. You are actually safer filing online because you do not have to worry about your client's tax return being lost or stolen in the mail. Additionally, you can receive updated notification that your client's return was received. E-file will also update you on the status of your client's return, and when to expect your direct deposit.


You can also use e-file if your clients owe money on their taxes. The filing option will give you the chance to pay online with a credit card.


ExacTax enables you to file your clients’ returns electronically. ExacTax utility creates electronic files for 1040, all 1040 states, 1065, 1120, 1120S, 1041 and 990 returns as well. From e-filing and paperless tax processing to our state-of-the-art tax software and related tools let you offer convenient service and speed workflow from start to finish.

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