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ExacTax uses one of the most comprehensive and powerful tax preparation software applications available. Offering a full line of federal, state, and local tax programs, including 1040 Individual, 1120 Corporation, 1065 Partnership, 1041 Fiduciary, 706 Estate Tax, 709 Gift Tax, 990 Exempt Organizations, 5500 Benefit Plans, multi-state returns, and more, ExacTax offers a tax preparation software that is filled with timesaving tools to ease every step of the tax preparation process. With the efficiencies you gain, you can do more client returns in less time without adding staff.


With a built-in depreciation module, spreadsheet import, comprehensive calculations, advanced diagnostics, data mining, efficient review tools, comprehensive state programs, and many other features, our software ensures you can handle any return and meet the needs of any client with ease.


State programs automatically capture all appropriate federal data and calculate the state tax results. You enter data only once to complete both returns, simply and efficiently.


The software enables easy e-filing of 1040, all 1040 states, and 1065, 1120, 1120S, 1041, and 990 returns as well. By working hand-in-hand with the IRS, this business and 1040 software helps you file your returns successfully, every time.


From e-filing and paperless tax processing to our state-of-the-art tax software and related tools let you offer convenient service and speed tax workflow from start to finish.


ExacTax provides you with a complete family of products to accommodate all your tax preparation and workflow needs, including:


1040 Individual




1120 Corporation




1065 Partnership




1041 Fiduciary




706 Estate Tax




709 Gift Tax




990 Exempt Organizations




5500 Benefit Plans








Tax Organizers








Electronic Filing




More than 200 state and local products, including all 1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065 and 1041 states.

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